Next president will hold full power over death penalty

USA was on brink of death penalty abolishment when late Justice Antonin Scalia said that he will give a vote for the abolishment, becoming fifth vote that would end death penalty practice in USA. His death halted the decision, and Supreme Court is still divided (both sides have four votes). Next president of USA will have full power over this decision, because he/she will have power to appoint Supreme Court member that would take Scalia’s place.

It is safe to say that all Republican candidates support death penalty abolishment and that each of them will place someone who supports their view in Supreme Court. Out of all Democratic candidates only Bernie Senders opposes death penalty.

No one checked what side Hillary Clinton is when it comes to position in Supreme Court, but by looking in her history it can be seen that she is strong proponent of death penalty. There is a high chance that Hillary Clinton might appoint a former prosecutor in the Supreme Court which would mean continuation of death penalty.
las vegas DUI attorney said that he follows all news about the question of death penalty and he expressed his concerns when he was asked what he thought of Hillary Clinton as president and her impact on death penalty question.

He said that there is no chance of abolishment of death penalty if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Her involvement in law making up until today was aimed at achieving political points rather than bringing justice. Her 1994 Criminal Bill contributed to the incarnation of poor minorities on wide level and strong impact on racially disparate and poor communities. Antiterrorism and Effective death penalty Act from 1996 made it a lot harder for people to prove innocence once they have been sentenced on death.

This attorney said that USA will stay one of the few backward countries that execute their citizens if Hillary Clinton becomes president. He also said that by keeping death penalty and supporting 1996 Act, USA is killing American citizens, some of which are innocent but they can’t prove their innocence due to overly strict law created through 1996 Act.

DUI Lieutenant’s widow kills bicycle rider and pleads not guilty

On 11th September last year Lisa Martini, 52 years old widow of lieutenant slammed her car into the Stanley Marshall who was on bicycle. Stanley died soon after that. Stanley Marshall was riding bicycle on Richmond Road, where he was struck by Honda 2013 that was driven by Lisa Martini who struck him while exiting parking lot. Martini told the cops that she didn’t know what happened; at the beginning she only knew that she hit something. She said that she stopped to get some food, and she also admitted that she smoked weed two hours before the incident. She also said that she takes buspirone to fight anxiety and Xanax from time to time. The mix these two medications along with weed caused was easily seen on Martini; her eyes were bloodshot, she had body tremors and she was swaying and her coordination was very poor.

She was charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI for drugs and alcohol on which she pleads not guilty. Martini was released on 10 000 dollars bail and her defense lawyer said that she intends to create vigorous defense.

The victim, Stanley Marshall was a very kind man who loved people said people who knew him. At the moment of accident he was driving his roommate’s bicycle because he asked him to buy dish soap.

Witness that was in the restaurant when Martini came in crying said that it was very hard. He said that they saw that man is bleeding from his head and nose. Witness and several other people talked to Stanley and they kept him awake until emergency came. But sadly there was nothing they could do to save the poor man.

long beach Criminal attorney said that so called vigorous defense Martini plans should have no chance on court. She drove DUI, her coordination was bad, there is nothing she can say in her defense.

Lawyer attacks his family and get’s killed by police officer

A police officer was forced to shoot at the Connecticut man as he refused to heed order to stop and lunged at the officer in question. Before that he attacked four members of his family.
51 years old lawyer Christopher Andrews attacked his wife on 16th February inflicting several severe stand and blunt force wounds in the area of face. After that he turned toward children hitting his youngest son (12 years old) in the face which he followed with the attack on his 13 years old daughter. At the end he turned and approached his 15 years old son with baseball bat but the youth managed to wrestle it out of his hand and escape. The girl also fled and went straight to the neighbor for where she called police.

Two police officers that were closest to the location were dispatched, and one of them arrived first. Andrews started to walk towards the officer holding knife. Police officer ordered him to stop several times which Andrews ignored. At the end of his walk Andrews lunged at the police officer who had no choice but to shoot at the Andrews in self defense.

Wife of the deranged man was admitted to the Bridgeport Hospital in critical condition. The youngest of the children was urgently flown to Yale-New Haven Hospital due to critical injuries he suffered. Other two children had minor injuries and therefore they were taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Criminal lawyer orange county spoke about this case and the holes in the system when it comes to domestic violence. It is true that there was no history of domestic violence in this family, but there are some things that can be thought to people so they can more easily recognize people who are on the edge, like Christopher Andrews obviously was.